3 is a magic number 

On Friday 30th June, the lovely Michelle and Mark married in our oak room where their beautiful colours really brightened the room and created such a summery atmosphere. They had put a lot of work into the wedding themselves and their creativity shone through in every aspect! My favourite part of their beautiful oak room was the cranes which the couple had spent weeks making themselves. They looked so pretty hanging in the huge window as the light shone between them. They were also unlike anything we had ever seen before and were definitely worth the time! Their table plan which was placed in the Oak Room after the ceremony was just brilliant. Each stroke of paint and each carefully written name was done entirely by Michelle herself, it was perfect! It fit the colourful theme perfectly and definitely is a design I will never forget.
The same cranes as in the Oak Room could also be found in the windows of the Garden Suite and above the table, hanging like mobiles. They chose to have one big table for their guests to keep things intimate and it worked wonderfully! That way they could talk to each and every guest without even leaving the table. Their cake was also really pretty, a three-tiered semi-naked chocolate delight! It definitely was my kind of cake! It was covered in huge pink peonies which only made the cake more alluring. The same beautiful flowers could also be found in the centre of the table and matched the stationary perfectly.

Charlotte and Sean were our next couple of the week and they said their vows on Saturday 1st July. They had put a lot of thought into their decorations and had really thought of everything! They decorated the entrance to the hall with a huge welcome sign for their guests. Not a lot of couples do this, but it always looks great when they do! They had chosen a pink theme for their wedding and the Oak Room definitely looked great dressed in the pretty colour. They had chosen to have a backdrop against the back wall of their ceremony room which was a first at the Hall. It matched their theme perfectly and I imagine it made their photos look even better! Their chosen decoration on the staircase was definitely a favourite of mine. Ivy draped from the bannisters adding a rustic touch whilst huge pink bows tied it into their theme. 

Through into the Garden Suite, the perfectly chosen decorations continued. Their table plan was absolutely beautiful! The giant, silver, heart shaped mirror was used as a backdrop for the table plan which was typed onto small, decorated cards. Charlotte had chosen her favourite flowers for their wedding, peonies. These are quickly becoming the most popular type of wedding flower and it’s not hard to see why! Paired with pale roses and dark green foliage, the peonies looked exquisite. The cake was placed between two huge bouquets of these amazing flowers and just looked so picturesque.

Our final wedding this week took place on Saturday 8th July as Mr and Mrs Garland joined us after an intimate Church wedding. They had chosen a navy colour for their wedding decorations and it was incorporated into every aspect. Their cake was three tiered with special blue icing on the second tier, it looked great! It was decorated with delectate iced flowers and perfectly placed Bride and Groom figurines. Their wedding breakfast room was a sea of blue and white, with coloured runners on each table and pretty bows tied onto each chair!

In the corner of the Garden Suite sat huge ‘love’ letters, possibly bigger than we’ve ever had before. They were almost as tall as me! They did look amazing though, and I can imagine they looked even better once the lights were dimmed and the Bride and Groom were doing their first dance! My favourite aspect was definitely their table plan and it is something that I will keep in mind as it was different to most other table plans we’ve had! A large ladder stood in the corner of the oak room and on each step, was placed a frame for each table with pictured of each guest on, it was just so creative! The frames were surrounded by trinkets and moss which I loved and really made it look the part!

Kelsey Bee

Wedding and Events Co-ordinator

Whirlowbrook hall



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