Many a Wedding

It’s been a while since our last blog as we’ve just been so busy.

On Saturday 13th May, Thea and Neil said their vows in our Oak Room and became Mr and Mrs Rice. Thea and Neil had spent a long time planning their wedding and it really came across in their decorations. Every surface in the Hall was covered in beautiful candles and flowers. Beginning in the hallway, the theme was set. Ivy covered our grand staircase and when wrapped with fairy lights, only enhanced the beauty of it. On the windowsill stood a huge spray of flowers surrounded by the same ivy which covered the stairs. It was perfect for pictures and looked so elegant from outside the Hall.

Their ceremony room which was dressed by the wonderful Sorella, looked so pretty. Their theme has just a hint of purple and this could be seen in every element. The sashes were just absolutely magical and changed colour depending on the light. Their wedding breakfast followed the same theme, with jars of flowers and candles of all different shapes and sizes. Huge T and N letters were placed on the dancefloor which amazingly, the couple had made themselves; they looked great! My favourite element of this wedding has to be their table plan which just looked so effective and also so creative!

Our next wedding took place on Saturday 20th May when Katie and Max married at the Hall. They had chosen quite simple decorations for their wedding, most of which they had made themselves. The hall doesn’t need may decorations to look amazing and these did just the job. They hired in chairs for their ceremony and these matched the Oak Room perfectly and even accentuated the grand fireplace. Their pretty, summery flowers were great for the time of year and really brightened up the Hall.img_0102

Their table decorations were beautiful and elegant, with just a single vase with a single candle surrounded by delicate flowers and tiny sparkles. The table numbers and table plan which Katie and Max had made themselves, looked so professional. So much care and detail had gone into them! It just proves that getting a little craft for your wedding, really pays off! I absolutely loved the cake they had chosen, it was both simple and exquisite at the same time and definitely fit the elegant theme that this wedding had.

Our third wedding was that of Karen and David on Friday 26th May. They joined us at the Hall after their beautiful Church ceremony. They had the perfect weather for their wedding and began with cooling drinks on the terrace in the summer sun. They had chosen to decorate our Garden Suite with beautiful bunting which only added to the summery feel outside.

It was the turn of Kim and Adam on Saturday 27th May as they said, ‘I do’ in our Oak Room. I must say that their wedding is definitely one of my favourites, the colour scheme was just so summery and pretty. Stunning flowers filled the Hall from the moment the doors opened, and they really did look beautiful! Their ceremony room also looked stunning with pom-poms, candelabras and wooden hearts hanging around the room.

The happy couple had just the most amazing place cards and they are possibly my favourite so far. Instead of being placed on tables, the were tied on the back of each chair with bright coral ribbon. They looked perfect on the lovely lime washed chairs. Their cake was also completely different to anything that I had ever seen before. It was modelled on the top table and each figure was wearing exactly what each of the guests were wearing. Yes, even the turquoise suit!

On Sunday 28th May, Katie and Dan had their wedding at the Hall. They did things a little differently for their wedding and it was lovely to get some new ideas from them. They had chosen a hessian theme, which always looks really great in the Hall. Their isle was lined with petals and small candles which created an intimate atmosphere in the Oak Room. Instead of the usual round tables, they had a small round table for themselves and their daughter, whilst the rest of their guests sat on four long tables branching from the intimate top table. Their cake was also quite different to every cake we’d seen this week. It was a simple, naked cake which was surrounded by ladyfingers and beautiful pink flowers. It was the perfect cake for a summer wedding!

Our penultimate wedding for this week’s blog took place on Saturday 3rd June as Nicola and Jonathan married at the Hall. Their chosen colour was purple and every single decoration had a little hint of it. Their ceremony room looked absolutely beautiful with purple flower petals lining the aisle to match the chair covers and flowers on the ceremony table. Their Garden Suite was also a little different as they had chosen to have their top table at the top of the room instead of in the middle. This meant that they were the main focus of attention for their all-important speeches. Their cake, which I thought was absolutely amazing had centre spotlight in the bay window. It was such a pretty cream and purple ombre cake which was surrounded by huge ‘cake’ carnival letters.

Our final wedding was that of Harriett and Graeme who joined us after their church ceremony. The first thing I noticed when entering the Hall, was the beautiful staircase which had been wrapped in foliage and looked so pretty. The huge window was also filled with coloured pom-poms which added a much-needed splash of colour.  Their card box was a favourite of mine as it was a vintage suitcase with amazing old pictures of family lined across it. I love seeing old wedding pictures!

Their theme was a golden colour with hessian and it looked absolutely beautiful in the Hall! They had chosen to have charger plates, which I think always look great as they add a little bit of extra colour to the table. The favours were also really thoughtful as every guest had a small bottle of alcohol with the cutest tiny glass in which to drink it from. Their flowers were definitely the highlight of this wedding for me. The colours, the flowers and the logs on which they were displayed were just all so perfect and such summery colours too!

Well, I think that may have been the longest blog I’ve done so far! We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with more.

Kelsey Bee

Wedding and Events Co-ordinator

Whirlowbrook Hall


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