More than a little hint of festive

A birthday party began this weekend’s celebrations on Friday 2nd December and it was absolutely fabulous! When I think of parties, I always think of a black and gold theme. I don’t know why, they just seem like really classic colours, perfect for a party. This was the exact theme that Caroline had chosen for her 60th and it worked perfectly with our gold twinkly Christmas trees. It had everything you would ever want at a party, great food, lots of wine and dancing!

The wedding of Catherine and Phil on Saturday 3rd December was our second event of the weekend. It had more than a little hint of Festive, in fact it was possibly the most Christmas themed wedding we have ever had. (As you can imagine, I absolutely loved it!) Their chosen colour scheme matched perfectly with our Christmas decorations and it looked as if the whole Hall was decorated especially for Mr and Mrs Mudge’s big day. They chose to get married in the dark with just the Christmas tree and plenty of candles to light their ceremony and it was absolutely perfect.

Through into the Garden Suite, the wonderfully Christmassy theme continued. Their table plan was adorned with fabulous glittery reindeers and covered in festive holly. My favourite thing about their wedding had to be their table names as they were just perfect! Each table was named after a reindeer. Yes, that means Dasher and Dancer and Vixen and Comet and Blitzen and Rudolph! If only there were enough tables for Prancer, Cupid and Donner too! Catherine and Phil’s cake was absolutely amazing, I loved everything about it. What more could you want from a Christmas themed wedding cake than glitter and snowflakes?

See you next week for more baubles and glitter!

Kelsey Bee

Wedding Co-ordinator

Whirlowbrook Hall


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