26 days until Christmas!

The wedding of Brogan and Jack was our first event of this weekend, and took place on Saturday 26th November. Mr and Mrs Totty had gone for quite a traditional theme for their wedding ensuring that everything was perfectly matched around the Hall. Red and gold were their chosen colours, and fitted wonderfully with Christmas being just around the corner! The gold bows on each chair of the ceremony room and glistering gold tree created a harmonious blend of colour and made the room feel super cosy. Flowers were a big part of Brogan and Jack’s wedding and each table had a stunning display of deep red flowers. They even had dried fruits in there to add a little touch of Christmas! They surrounded a single candle in a jar and reminded me of a centrepiece that you’d have on your table on Christmas Day.

A lot of our couples choose to tie place names around napkins like Mr and Mrs Totty did but I have to say, theirs were amongst my favourites. The big gold bows on each napkin held a small name card in place and they looked absolutely beautiful. They were so simple but looked so elegant and exquisite. I think gold as a wedding colour is definitely becoming one of my guilty pleasures. Their cake was also very eye catching and definitely stole a few glances. It was absolute perfection, not one of the delicate ruffles was out of place. In my eyes, it looked a little bit like meringue but meringue is yummy so I suppose that’s only a good thing! It was decorated with lovely little red berries and stunning white flowers.

It’s no wonder Christmas is my favourite time of year!

Our second event of the week took place on Sunday 27th November and we opened our doors for our first ever wreath making class. This was run by the amazing Orchis Floral Design and she did a great job of getting the Hall into the spirit of Christmas. She practically turned the Oak Room into a forest for the day and everyone had plenty of foliage and decorations to add to their wreaths. Christmas music was playing throughout the Hall and some absolutely beautiful creations were made. We cannot wait until next year so that we can do it all over again (I think we will definitely be needing a bigger room though!)img_1293

I can’t believe that it’ll be December by the time I write my next blog, Christmas is fast approaching!

Kelsey Bee

Wedding Co-ordinator

Whirlowbrook Hall



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