A trio of celebrations

I was very excited to write this week’s blog as we had a very special surprise at our wedding on Saturday. I won’t tell you just yet, I like to build a little suspense!

Our first event of the week was Megan’s 21st Birthday Party which took place on Friday 4th November. Helping to plan this party just made me want my 21st Birthday all over again, I would have definitely stolen some of Megan’s ideas if I did! The beautiful theme was set from the moment you walked in the Hall, and of course it was pink! Uplighters were used in both the Oak Room and Garden Suite which totally changed the whole look of the rooms. I wish they were permanent! Both rooms gave off a party atmosphere which was perfect for the occasion.

The cake definitely deserves its own paragraph because it was just so amazing! It had almost an ombre effect and faded from pink at the top to white at the bottom. The top two tiers of cake were covered in edible pink beads which shimmered in the light. It was topped with a beautiful ‘21’ cake topper and surrounded by sparklers which I can imagine when lit, looked absolutely brilliant. The cake stand has to be the best cake stand we have ever had at the Hall, it was big and sparkly and what more could you want for a party?img_1112

Our second event of the week was the wedding of Jade and Luke. They became Mr and Mrs Mercer in church on Saturday 5th before joining us for the rest of their celebrations. Jade and Luke had decorated the hall with the loveliest of decorations, every single surface looked so so pretty! In the Garden suite they had gone for a theme of bronzes and golds and every bit of their wedding matched. Even the chairs! I don’t think many couples think of chairs as something that can bring your whole theme together, but these ones definitely did just that! Each table had a centre piece which consisted of a bird cage with a single flower upon a gold plate, surrounded by candles, petals and those all-important sparkles. It had quite a rustic feel to it and in my opinion looked absolutely beautiful!

Their cake was definitely something worth talking about! It was possibly the most intricate cake we have ever seen. It had four tiers, each of which were a different flavour, shape and design. The top tier was a birdcage which looked so good, I just could not believe that someone had actually made it out of icing. On top of the second tier sat the bride and groom and their three cats around them.  It was just such an extravagant cake and I absolutely loved it!img_1143

Now on to that surprise I mentioned..

The bride had gathered her guests onto the dancefloor for the throwing of her bouquet, but instead of throwing it, she placed it into her mum’s hands. Her mum’s partner then pulled out a ring and proposed to her then and there. I must admit, I did cry a little bit. She just had no idea that it was going to happen! And neither did anyone else for that matter, it was a complete surprise. It was so beautiful to see just how happy she was in that moment.img_1153

I’m very sad to say that there will not be a blog for you all to read next week, however we will be back on the 21st when we will have had our first Christmas Lunch of the year!

See you then!

Kelsey Bee

Wedding Co-ordinator

Whirlowbrook Hall



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