The one and only.

This week was quite a quiet one at the Hall and Paul and Kathryn Sparshott were our only couple. They married in our Garden Suite in front of 97 of their friends and family on Saturday 24th September. Mr and Mrs Sparshott had chosen to do most of the decoration themselves which really reflected their tastes and personalities. They totally transformed our Oak Room with lots of bunting and photographs of themselves which looked absolutely amazing. Their beautiful candles and swags on the fireplace only made it more stunning and cosy to sit in front of. Their card box was a vintage suitcase surrounded by fairy lights which is one of my all-time favourite choices for card boxes. They always look so eye-catching! The fairy lights were decorated with musical themed stars which was really just a hint of what was to come as the Bride and Groom later performed in a band for their guests. This was something that not many couples would do on their wedding day so it was very exciting for everyone involved!

As Paul and Kathryn had their ceremony in our Garden Suite, we then had to turn this around for their wedding breakfast. Being the hospitality ninja’s that we are, it only takes us about an hour to get completely set up. The Garden Suite looked absolutely beautiful once finished, I really do love the colour red for weddings, it really adds a cosy feel! Their table centres really were something that we hadn’t seen before. They had chosen to name each table after a town in a film or series, like Hill Valley from Back to the Future or Isla Nublar from Jurassic Park. Jurassic park is one of my favourite films ever so I instantly fell in love with the little handmade T-rex! Each table centre must have taken so long to make as they were just so delicate and accurate. I loved them! Finally, their wedding cake, which was three tiered with red ribbons wrapped around to match the chairs and decorations. Going up each tier were small paw prints, if you followed them up they took you straight to the Bride and Groom figures which were actually dogs. They were so cute and so detailed! Hopefully, we’ll see some more creative touches like these in the weddings to come.

Next week’s blog is looking like it will be a very exciting one as it’s our wedding fayre! There will be lots of information on what happened and also when our next one is. See you then!

Kelsey Bee

Wedding Co-ordinator

Whirlowbrook Hall


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