Three’s a charm.

Our first wedding this week took place on a Wednesday, the 14th to be exact. Sabrina and Scott became Mr and Mrs Burns in our beautiful Oak Room. They chose a lovely navy blue theme which was incorporated into every bit of the wedding. The decoration was done by one of our amazing suppliers, Simply Seated and as always, was just great! I always imagine navy blue to be quite a wintry colour but when paired with the lace, it was perfect for the summer!

Mr and Mrs Burns had chosen name cards for their guests which I fell in love with instantly. Each guests had their own heart shaped chalk board with their name on, I thought these were just so cute! I definitely would have taken mine home with me as a souvenir. Each table also had their own little jars of sweets, I don’t know about anyone else but I would have tucked into these straight away! Sabrina and Scott’s cake is definitely one of my favourites, it was just so simple and beautiful; the delicate flowers just added a hint of colour.

The new Mr and Mrs Dalton were our second couple of the week and got married at the Hall on Friday 16th September. They opted for a small, intimate ceremony in our Oak Room followed by an evening reception for their family and friends. Whilst Hannah and Mat only had 15 guests for their ceremony, the Oak Room did not feel empty. In fact, I think it looked possibly the best it has ever looked! The candles and petals around the chairs really emphasised the aisle and looked so pretty against the wooden floor. With it being such a sunny day, the light flooded in and it just looked beautiful.


Instead of a conventional guest book, they had chosen a fingerprint tree which I think is just such a fun idea. Also a little messy! It really allowed the guests to get creative and I bet it looks amazing once it’s framed. Hannah and Mat also had a sweet cart for their evening which is always a great idea! This one was personalised just for them and had everything you could ever want from a sweet cart. It was decorated with a pink cover and lots of pretty fairy lights which fit with their theme perfectly. The cake was also in keeping with the beautiful pink colours and looked just too nice to cut into!

Our third and final wedding of the week was that of Angela and Adrian Simpkin which took place on Saturday 17th September. This wedding had over 5 times the number of guests that the previous wedding did and was a very busy way to end the week! Mr and Mrs Simpkin’s decoration in our Garden Suite was absolutely beautiful. Their silver and white theme worked perfectly in there and looked so elegant. The twinkle backdrop which they had behind their top table really added to this affect and looked absolutely amazing once the lights were dimmed. They had also added a hint of sparkle to their card box which was personalised with their names and the date of their wedding.

Creative guest books are becoming quite a thing this weekend! Like the previous wedding, instead of the normal type of guest book, they had something a little different. Each guest was asked to write a message on a Jenga piece. I thought that this was such a good idea as it’s just so creative and also so fun! They also had a sweet cart in the Oak Room which kept all the guests entertained after the ceremony. This was filled with so many sweets, in fact the whole Hall was! It just so happened that they owned their own sweet company so we ended up with more sweets than we had ever seen before.

See you next week!

Kelsey Bee

Wedding Co-ordinator

Whirlowbrook Hall


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