Not just Weddings..

As summer begins to come to a close, I think it’s safe to say we have a done an amazing amount of weddings and have worked very hard! Now that our weddings are quietening down a little, I thought it might be a good time to talk about some of the other events that we have at the Hall.

Our first event at the Hall this week took place on Tuesday 6th September and was a conference held by St Thomas, Crookes. They held the more formal part of the conference in Garden Room One which has beautiful view over the park; perfect for the daydreaming delegates to look out at. Garden Room Two was used for what would be my favourite part of the conference, the food! The food at conferences is always great as it is so varied and there are always desserts. Yum! I think that the Hall is just such a perfect place for conferences. When everyone needs a break it’s great to go for a walk or even do a bit of team building.

Our next two events of the week took place on the golf course! The first, Dan Walkers Charity Golf day took place on Tuesday 6th September. The second, organised by City Taxis took place on Friday 9th September. Both of these events were catered by our new venture, Whirlowbrook Catering and Events! The weather was absolutely perfect for both of these events and we’ve started seeing a few familiar faces on the golf course. There were even a few special guests to keep the boss entertained!

Now, the exciting bit! The Wedding! This week’s wedding took place on Saturday 10th September as Alex and Nathan became Mr and Mrs Brown in our Oak Room. Alex and Nathan booked with us in November 2015 and had just over 9 months to plan their dream wedding! They did most of the decoration themselves which was really amazing as most couples usually have 2 years to do what they did in just a few months. In the Oak Room the chairs were covered in white, with very subtle pink and grey bows wrapped around them. These were in fact Alex’s own chair covers which I believe were her first wedding purchase once Nathan proposed! The whole room had such a relaxed and homely feel to it, only emphasised by the romantic candles which could be seen on every surface.

Through into the Garden Suite, Alex and Nathan had really made it their own. They had added a sweet table which was so colourful. It had everything from chocolates to sweets, and really looked delicious. It even had different levels and light up signs! Their cake was absolutely beautiful; the three tempting layers of delicious sponge were decorated with bows and ruffles. There was even a hint of sparkle on there too! The whole Garden Suite just came together wonderfully, but the real centre of attention was the top table. (as it should be!) Whilst each table had a white floral centrepiece, top being the most important, had a splash of colour with delicate pink roses and a beautiful ruffled table skirt. This really accentuated the table, not that the bride and groom didn’t already do that!

Our final event was our Afternoon Tea on Sunday 11th September. Like most of our Afternoon Tea’s at the Hall, we tried to entice members of the public to come and join us!

It turned out to be such a beautiful day; the weather was definitely on our side! The room was decorated by one of our lovely suppliers, Sorella and our soothing music created such a relaxing atmosphere for the afternoon. Once again, the food was absolutely delicious! Definitely keep an eye out for more of these events coming up.

Kelsey Bee

Wedding Co-ordinator


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