I told you it wouldn’t be the last…

Last time we had 5 wedding in one week was at the beginning of August and that was the first time it had ever happened! I can’t believe our second week with 5 weddings managed to fall in the same month (and a bit of the next one if you want to be picky). We never do things by half do we!

Our first two weddings of the week were fairly small but still just as important to us. The first was that of Jo and Gary Clarke who had a small, intimate ceremony in our Oak Room on Monday 29th August. Our oak room is perfect for small ceremonies as it is a pretty, simple room which looks absolutely beautiful no matter how many guests you have.  Jo and Gary chose to have a card box on our table in the entrance so that their guests could post their cards. We absolutely love these kinds of card boxes and they always look perfect in the Hallway!

Mr and Mrs Clarke’s cake was so beautiful.  It was simple but at the same time, very elegant. It was dressed with white roses and lilies which only enhanced its beauty. Their table centres also included lilies which eventually opened up! Props were available on each table to encourage the guests to take lots of fun photographs.

Shelagh and Roy tied the knot in our second wedding which took place on Tuesday 30th August. Shelagh had really let the Hall shine through with her decorations and had just added a few little finishing touches. One of my favourites was the bunting which she had decided to hang on the outside of the Hall. This looked so pretty and I’m definitely sure a few more will steal the idea!

They had decorated the Hall with bouquets of wild flowers. They looked absolutely amazing and even matched all the flowers in our gardens! Their cake was also decorated with the same wild flowers which really brought the whole wedding together. Shelagh and Roy had chosen to have Afternoon Tea instead of the normal wedding breakfast. They did this buffet style so that their guests could have a wander around and also have a chat with their family and friends. The whole buffet just looked so delicious; I can almost smell the scones now, just thinking about them!

Our third wedding to take place at the hall this week saw Sarah and Tim become Mr and Mrs Fuller in our Oak Room on Friday 2nd September. Sarah’s choice of decoration was perfectly suited to the Hall, her beautifully dressed staircase was perfect for photographs with the bridal party. At the bottom of the stairs was a stunning display of vintage suitcases and baskets with were home to confetti and cards. They were surrounded by some beautiful flowers in the prettiest of colours!

Sarah and Tim had chosen to have their chairs slanted in the Oak Room which was very different! The chairs closest to the aisle were decorated with pretty hessian sashes which really emphasised the aisle. Their cake was definitely a highlight for me as is was just absolutely stunning! Each tier was decorated with delicate ruffles and wrapped in pieces of twine which matched the hessian theme perfectly. It was also topped with the same gorgeous flowers as the rest of the Hall. They had written their order of the day on an old gate. This was an absolutely perfect example of how recycling things for your wedding can look amazing!

The wedding of Bethany and Daniel Tozzi on Saturday 3rd September was our fourth wedding of the week. They got married at church before joining is for their wedding breakfast and reception. The first thing that caught my eye was their chair covers. Most of our weddings this week have had a neutral theme to match the Hall but Bethany and Daniel had gone for pink which really added a splash of colour to the Garden Suite! Their flowers also matched their choice of colour and were very different to the flowers that we had seen at the Hall recently.

In the corner of the Garden Suite sat a wooden horse and cart which was soon to become a sweet cart. This was so different to any sweet cart we had ever seen before! We’ve had carousels and crazy things like that but never an actual horse and cart! It was great! Their table plan was also a favourite of mine; instead of choosing a board to go on our easel they had used a mirror. It was such a creative idea and looked classically beautiful.

The wedding of Louise and John Taylor brought the week to a close on Sunday 4th September. They said their vows in our Oak Room and I must say it looked magical. Every single decoration came together to create such a beautiful room! They had chosen cream sashes so not to distract from Louise’s stunning dress, their decoration on each ledge in the oak room was simple but very effective. The white carpet really added to this affect and it reminded me of all the perfect weddings that you see in films. The registrars table was covered with a twinkle skirt which really made it the centre of attention. After all, it is where the most important bit happens!

Louise and John’s cake table was so eye catching! I will start with the cake because it was just so picturesque. It had a large bow and beautiful flowers placed in the middle. It just looked so delicious! The donuts… I don’t think I need to describe how amazing these looked and smelled! What more could you want from a cake table than cake and donuts! I definitely would have spent my whole night by that table if I was a guest!

And that’s our second ever week of 5 weddings!

Kelsey Bee

Wedding Co-ordinator



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