Balloons, Languages and Ice Buckets

For my title this week, I have chosen my favourite aspect of each wedding. Hopefully it will make a little bit more sense once I have explained!

Our first wedding this week was Emma and Bobby Shaheen which took place on Friday 26th August. Emma and Bobby’s wedding was a beautiful mix of gold’s purples and pinks. To fit this theme each table had a hint of all of these colours. Top table had to be my favourite; it was covered in such a dazzling, gold sequined cloth. It looked absolutely gorgeous and so eye catching as you walked into the Garden Suite. Their wedding cake was also in keeping with the theme and had delicate gold ruffles and sparkles.

Also in the Garden Suite was a huge balloon which spelled the word ‘eat’ and a similar one in the bar area which spelled ‘drink’. These were a really fun idea of encouraging the guests to indulge. They had also placed lots and lots of balloons (definitely too many to count) in all different colours, on the bar ceiling. These were then moved to the dance floor once the DJ began. This would have looked absolutely amazing once the disco lights hit them and I can imagine the guests absolutely loved them!

Agata and Nick were our second couple of the week and said their vows in our Oak Room on Saturday 27th August. Agata’s choice of decoration was simple but very effective. The hessian and lace theme which ran throughout the Hall just matched so perfectly with the colours in our Oak Room. The stairs which were dressed by one of our lovely suppliers in beautiful white chiffon and fairy lights looked absolutely perfect for photographs of the bridal party descending to the ceremony. Around the hall were a multitude of signs, all of which were prefect for the occasion and very pretty. My favourite was the one that said ‘And they lived happily ever after’ on the fireplace which was very in keeping with the rustic theme.

On each chair in the beautiful ceremony sat a small order of the day sheet. This included timings for everything and also a little bit of information about Nick and Agata’s families. The most amazing thing about this order of the day sheet was that it also had some much needed phrases translated into Agata’s first language, polish. This was so helpful for both sides of the family and included phrases to compliment the Bride and Groom, and also a couple to get their new family drinking and dancing. What more do you need to say at a wedding!

Our final wedding of this week saw Mr and Mrs Barnett married on Sunday 28th august, in our Oak Room. Walking into Tracy and David’s ceremony room, I was amazed as it was unlike any other ceremony we had ever had at the Hall before. They had such a great idea and it looked absolutely perfect! They had chosen to put the registrars table in front of the fireplace which, I think, only accentuated its beauty. The colours of the flowers and the chair sashes really brightened the room and gave it a really summery feel.

Each of Tracy and David’s tables were also decorated with the same bright colours, even down to the ribbons holding the name cards onto the napkins! This really showed their eye for detail. The table centrepieces were a favourite of mine as they also were totally different to anything we had seen before. Each table had their own silver ice bucket which was filled with wine and beer for the table. Not only was this a really summery idea, it also got everyone on the table talking as they had to decide which drink each person would have.

It’s been a week of new experiences for Whirlowbrook Hall and I feel like we are definitely growing and becoming more bespoke as the weeks go by!

Kelsey Bee

Wedding Co-ordinator


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