3 years and 3 weddings..

On my last blog, I promised to tell you about something very exciting. Whilst it may be more exciting for me than it is for you all, I hope you enjoy.

On Wednesday 17th August we held a celebration to top all celebrations. We had a BBQ and of course there was a DJ and lots of dancing. The reason for this party was to celebrate our 3 years of weddings at Whirlowbrook Hall so far. So much has happened in the past 3 years we just cannot believe it has gone so quick. Our first wedding at the Hall took place on Saturday 17th August 2013, and saw Tom and Emma become Mr and Mrs Taggart on a sunny summer’s eve. As this was such a big anniversary for us and for them, we of course invited them over for a glass of champagne to celebrate. Since this date we have had a crazy amount of weddings and will hopefully carry on doing so for many more years to come. I feel the need to thank all the staff that have worked so hard for the past three years. The long shifts and weekend work, I know from experience is very hard, but they never complain! (or if they do, I’ve never heard them).

 It seems as though our party was the calm before the storm, as three weddings followed!

Our first Wedding of the week was that of Matt and Sarah who got married at church before joining us for their evening celebrations on Friday 21st August. Matt and Sarah came up on the Thursday to set up for their wedding, after a few hours at the Hall, every part of it matched their purple theme. The Oak Room and stairs were covered in beautiful handmade bunting, each triangle had a different pattern and some even had two! Matt’s mum had spent what I can only imagine was hours making it all and it turned out wonderfully. Matt’s mum had also made their wedding cake which looked so delicate and perfect on their cake table.

My favourite photograph from Sarah and matt’s wedding has to be the one of the fireplace. It just looked so magical; it is definitely how I would permanently decorate the fireplace if it was in my house. When it came to table names, Sarah and Matt chose to be a little bit different. Whilst most people name their tables after places or even just numbers, Mr and Mrs Jarvis chose to name theirs after crazy activities they had done together! These ranged from white water rafting to waterskiing, which really was a unique idea. Their top table was named ‘extreme wedding experience’ which I can confirm, at times planning a wedding usually is!

The wedding of Alice and Trystan took place on Saturday 20th August and joined us after their church ceremony. Alice and Trystan began their day in amazing style by driving to the Hall in a beautiful MG. This car was not only classically exquisite but was also the same car that Nick and Jane, Alice’s parents, drove from their wedding in. I just cannot describe how amazed I was when I found this out. A few other classic cars also came to the wedding and I can honestly say our drive has never looked so good!
The car was only the beginning of Alice and Trystans wonderful decoration. Walking into the Hall, i instantly fell in love with their whole theme. Their colour scheme mixed different delicate shades of green with a beautiful pale pink. Their flowers matched these colours so well and looked so pretty in the Hall. I must mention my favourite part of their decoration which was the pompoms which hung above each table. Whilst we have had pompoms in our garden suite before, no one has ever done anything this creative with them. (Although it did take me and Danny a very long time to get them up!)

 Mr and Mrs White were our last newlyweds of the week on Sunday 21st August. They had a similar colour scheme to Sarah and Matt on Friday but their decorations were as different as they possibly could be. Each of their chairs for the ceremony and the wedding breakfast, were wrapped in a delicate lilac satin bow. These were absolutely beautiful and matched perfectly with the dresses that Amy had chosen for her bridesmaids. The cake was also perfectly matched to the theme and was a simple, delicious looking white cake with large purple flowers. This cake was everything you could ever want from a wedding cake; it was eye catching but at the same time it didn’t take away from the rest of the decorations.

 Amy had meticulously worked with her suppliers and had subtly decorated the whole Hall. Most of the decoration consisted of tiny white flowers draped on the fireplace, the stairs and the whole of the outside area. These looked absolutely amazing and really brought the whole hall together! My favourite part of their decoration had to be their arch at the bottom of the terrace stairs. This not only looked absolutely beautiful for their photographs but looked totally at home their! I think we definitely need to have one there permanently!

Next week is set to be a busy one as our crazy August comes to a close!

Kelsey Bee

Wedding Coordinator



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