Three scoops of wedding with a sprinkling of Birthday

The name of this week’s blog may sound a little strange but it is actually very relevant. Every wedding at the Hall this week had an ice cream cart!

Our first wedding of the week was Emily and Josh, who said their vows in our beautiful Oak Room. Emily and Josh came to set up on the Wednesday before their wedding. I could tell straight away that they had planned to perfection, everything had its place and looked absolutely beautiful. Their ceremony in our Oak Room was simple but had such elegant finishing touches that really stood out. They had hired in chairs which only made the room look more beautiful. On the end of every other row were delicate pink roses with white ribbon. The same roses were also used in the centre of the registrars table which really brought the whole room together.


Their cake table was the first thing that caught my eye, or should I say cupcake table? It was home to such a huge cupcake tower with cupcakes which had just about every topping you could imagine! The ‘Candy buffet’ was set up in the Garden Suite alongside the Cupcake table and had an amazing array of sweets in all different colours and flavours. The guests could not resist! I must mention their favours as they were just spectacular. Each guest had a personalised bottle of Henderson’s relish which had Emily and Josh’s name and the date of the wedding on. I think this is such a good way of giving guests something to remember the day by, although I think a lot of the guests used it on the wedding Breakfast!

Our second wedding saw Michael and Sarah become Mr and Mrs Marsden on Friday 12th August. Michael and Sarah had a theme in mind when they began planning their wedding and it came together wonderfully in the Hall! Every part of their decoration matched, even the cupcakes! They chose a hessian theme for their chair covers and their flowers had bright yellow sunflowers, both of these were also incorporated into all their finishing touches. Even the table confetti had Michael and Sarah’s names on!

My favourite part of Michael and Sarah’s wedding had to be the beautiful photographs that they had put out in the Oak Room. Each photo was that of parents and grandparents on their wedding days. These were so sentimental and also really interesting to look at! Michael and Sarah also had the exciting idea of having sparklers at their wedding. We have had these at the Hall before but no one else has organised it quite like they did! Each guest was told to take a sparkler and stand over the red carpet to create a tunnel. Once the sparklers were lit, Michael and Sarah ran straight down the middle! I cannot image how good a photograph of this would have looked. I only wish that I could have been there to take one!

The Last wedding but most definitely not least was Emma and Tom’s on Saturday 13th. They said their ‘I Do’s’ at church before joining us for their celebrations. I must talk about the flowers that Emma had chosen first, they were absolutely stunning. The flowers that couples choose are always a highlight for me as they can totally change the whole look of the room! Emma’s flowers were so elegant and beautiful, when paired with the carnival letters on Top Table they just looked amazing. From the menus to the cake, everything was coordinated.

I had been anticipating Emma and Tom’s wedding for a few days because I knew just how unique certain parts of their wedding were. I’m so relieved that I can finally tell everyone about it! Each table had a small clear box, which had a screen and a few buttons. These were possibly the most unique things we had seen to keep guests entertained! The aim of this box was to get everyone on the table to try and answer the questions that each guest had on the back of their name cards. Once all questions were answered correctly, the box opened and the table could claim their prize. Their photobooth was also a very exciting part of their wedding. Photobooths normally are exciting, but this one was extra exciting as the Groom had made it himself! (With a little help I Imagine) It was so simple, guests pressed the red button and a photograph was added to the slideshow and also printed for the guest to keep. I just couldn’t believe Tom had managed to make it himself! It was so good, he could definitely set up a shop and make them for everyone!

Our final event of the week was Hazel’s 70th Birthday party. Hazel had opted for an elegant Afternoon Tea to be served, this was accompanied by garden games and a fabulous slideshow of family photos. I think Afternoon Tea is such a great idea for birthdays as it always seems to get family that may not have seen each other for a while, mingling and chatting. On such a sunny day, it did just that! Long after the Afternoon Tea was over, the guests (and their dogs) were outside in our beautiful gardens playing in the sun together. What a wonderful way to spend your 70th birthday!

Speaking of Afternoon Tea, if reading about Hazel’s birthday has left you thinking about delicious miniatures, we could have just the thing for you! Due to popular demand, we are holding another public Afternoon Tea on Sunday 11th September. It is the perfect opportunity to get all your family and friends together for some lovely food and relaxing walk in Whirlowbrook Park! To book your table, just give us a call.

Next week we have a very exciting event that I cannot wait to tell you about!

Kelsey bee

Wedding Co-ordinator


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