..and so it begins!

Being my first ever blog post, I thought I should tell you a little bit about Whirlowbrook Hall and what we do here.

I might be slightly biased but Whirlowbrook Hall is exquisite. I honestly didn’t know it even existed before I started working here but I’m so glad I got the opportunity to work in such a beautiful setting. We can be found right at the top of ecclesall road south tucked away in the middle of the serene Whirlowbrook Park. Don’t worry if you get a little lost trying to find us, I did the first time!

When driving up the drive for the first time, you will instantly feel like you have left Sheffield and ended up in the middle of the countryside. It is such a quiet and peaceful park; you would not believe that you are just 20 minutes from the city centre. The park is full of colours and is perfect for summer and winter walks alike. Once you have made you way over the bridge that is half way up the drive, the park opens up onto a large green lawn with the picturesque Whirlowbrook Hall sat at the top of it.

We did our first wedding on Saturday 17th August 2013 and have not had a summer weekend free since. Most of our staff have been here from the beginning and you will probably recognise the same few names appearing on our reviews.

Now you know a little more about us, I feel it is time to get on to this weekend’s events.

Our first wedding this weekend took place on Friday 22nd July, Alison and Dean became Mr and Mrs Spotswood at St John’s Church in Dronfield. Alison and Dean clearly had Whirlowbrook Hall in mind when deciding on a theme, as the two were perfectly matched. They added a lot of little finishing touches to their decoration which made all the difference. My favourite was a quirky blackboard that was placed on the sweet table which said ‘Love is sweet… and sometimes a little bit nuts!’ I will definitely remember that quote!


Their place cards managed to wow all our staff as we had never seen anything like them before. Each name was a laser cut piece of wood, which was such a wonderful souvenir for everyone to take home with them. The same theme could be seen in the guest book which was actually a wooden jigsaw puzzle! This was such an ingenious idea, which was not only fun for the guests but also looked amazing once put together. (I managed to get a quick photo before it got taken apart!)



The wedding of Charlotte and Luke on Saturday 23rd June was similar to Alison and Deans in that it was a church ceremony, but the styles and decorations were as different as the couples themselves. Mr and Mrs Richardson opted for a timeless purple theme and this ran through their elegant chair covers, table decorations and flowers.

Charlotte made most of the decorations herself, which if you can imagine, took hours! The ‘Mr and Mrs Richardson’ letters that were placed on their top table looked spectacular. I can’t even begin to imagine the time that went into making them alone. Charlotte and Luke’s cake was a delicate 3 tier delight. It was covered in icing that resembled the lace on Charlotte’s wedding dress, something that I would have never thought about doing.

Charlotte and Luke’s Mr and Mrs letters
Cake with lace icing

Both of our weddings this weekend have been very creative ones and have definitely given me some good ideas for the future.

 Our final event of the weekend was a birthday party, and it just so happened to be the party of my old head teacher, it’s such a small world! Bob’s party had everything that you would expect a great part to have; friends, music and good food. The music came from a band which is always the perfect way to get your guests up, dancing. The buffet that Bob decided on was a hog roast. This is probably one of my favourite buffets that we do at the Hall, mostly because I can always smell it cooking away from my office.

Our amazing Hog Roast

That’s it for my first ever blog post, I hope you will come back and read each week!


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