So long and farewell

Apologies for the long wait on this one. I thought I’d make it a rather large one seeing as it will be my last ever blog post. Don’t worry though, I do have a lovely replacement ready and waiting!

The first wedding for this week’s blog was that of Louise and Ben which took place on Thursday 10th August. They had chosen to marry in our Oak Room and had complimented the Oak panels perfectly with their choice of theme. They had hired in chairs which were then decorated with hessian and lace, which looked absolutely beautiful! These wooden chairs look so nice on their own but I must admit, a little something extra looks just perfect. Hessian bunting was also tied along the ceremony table and in the huge window, which really tied the whole room together.

The Garden Suite was set for their intimate wedding breakfast and similar to their ceremony room, everything matched beautifully. The chairs, bunting and table runners all came together to create the wedding that they had dreamed of for so long! The hessian was matched perfectly with log blocks as centrepieces which looked amazing, as always! They were decorated with lovely jars full of candles and pretty pastel coloured flowers. Instead of a cake, they had opted for cupcakes, which always look great, each of which were decorated with small, blue, edible flowers! On top of the huge tower sat a small cake especially for that all-important cake cutting picture!

On Friday 11th August, it was the turn of Stacey and Vincent, who married in our Oak Room. They had chosen a dusky pink colour theme, which I absolutely loved! It’s definitely my favourite colour for weddings! Through into the Garden Suite, their tables were decorated with elegant candelabras and scattered flower petals, creating the perfect atmosphere for their wedding breakfast. They had hired in giant ‘love’ letters, which stood in front of the bay window, on the dancefloor. They just looked absolutely amazing, and I can only imagine how beautiful they looked when the lights were dimmed for the evening! Their cake was a simple, single tiered but exquisitely decorated masterpiece! Not only was the cake decorated with edible and iced on flowers, it also had a huge hand-crafted bow on top. It just looked beautiful!

Laura and Jon joined us at the Hall on Saturday 12th August, for their ceremony which took place in our Oak Room. They had hired in chairs instead of opting for chair covers. I must say, these chairs always look amazing, they would definitely be my choice! They had decorated each one with either hessian or lace bows which only enhanced the rustic look. Hessian and Lace also featured in the bunting, which hung from both the rooms giving that perfect ‘summer wedding’ feel. Flowers were also a big feature of this wedding and they could be found on almost every surface in the Hall.

Their table plan was something that I really loved about this wedding. They had chosen a vintage looking pair of ladders and on each step sat the table plan. It was also decorated with pots of pretty flowers and candles and just looked so effective! Laura and Jon’s cake was also a big highlight for me, the 4-tier design just matched the theme perfectly. The bottom tier was decorated with beautiful gold icing and the rest of the tiers naked. This created the perfect cake for their rustic wedding and of course, the flowers only made it more pretty!

Our second weekend of weddings began with Stephanie and Ben who said their vows in our Garden Suite on Friday 18th August. They too had chosen the lime washed chairs and covered them with lovely lace bows, which looked absolutely lovely when paired with the neutral colours of the room. Their long aisle was lined with dried petals and very quirky gin bottles which were filled with flowers, these then became the centrepieces for the tables, once the ceremony was over. Their card box, which was located in the entrance of the Hall, was a beautifully decorated duo of suitcases stacked on top of one another. This was surrounded but fairy lights, candles and cactuses which looked so interesting! I must talk about their cake table; the wedding cake was the main centrepiece and was made entirely by the bride’s mum. It was a three-tier naked fruit cake which was decorated with foliage and pretty, pastel flowers, it looked delicious! Definitely one of my favourite themes!

On Saturday 19th August, Lucy and Jake married in our Oak Room. Lucy had chosen a simple theme for their wedding day, classic white with a hint of pink! Their ceremony chairs were decorated with elegant white sashes which cascaded down the back of the chairs and finished with a single rose. The only other decoration in the room was the pretty flowers on the ceremony table and radiator covers, the beautiful room really spoke for itself! My favourite of all their decorations, without a doubt, were their Bride and Groom ducks which stood proudly in the entrance to the Hall. I have no idea where they got them from but I know I definitely want some! They were amazing!

Their table plan, which was supplied by the lovely Blue Horseshoe weddings was a huge mirror surrounded by lots and lots of white and cream flowers. It was just unlike anything we had seen before and just fit the theme perfectly. Their centrepieces were also based around the same flowers as the table plan and different designs decorated each table. I must say, my favourite had to be the huge balls of flowers which stood in martini glasses as they just looked so elegant! Last but not least, their cake. It definitely has to be one of the prettiest cakes we’ve had at the Hall! The cake itself was simple with just 4 tiers decorated in white icing, but the flowers are why I hold this cake in such high regard. I can’t imagine how long each individual flower must have taken to make but they looked amazing! They decorated the entire front of the cake and definitely left a lasting impression.

Stephanie and David kicked off our third week of weddings on Friday 25th August. They had chosen a purple theme and each of their decorations matched this perfectly. Bunting in several different shades of purple hung from the garden suite ceiling and lilac sashes covered each chair and table centre.. Their cake, which was three tiers, was covered with purple and white flowers made form icing which looked so delicate and pretty. Their table plan was definitely a light for me, it was made by the lovely Tilly Fudge, one of our amazing suppliers. Each guest had been personified in a cartoon drawing which actually looked so much like the actual guests! It was just the perfect table plan!

On Saturday 26th August, Caroline and Lee held their reception at the Hall. Their wedding breakfast room was decorated with hessian and lace which looked beautiful as always! Their top table was swagged with chiffon material which really emphasised the importance of the table. The new Bride and Groom had hired in huge ‘love’ letters which stood in the corner of the dancefloor. I bet these looked absolutely amazing in the evening once the sun had set. Finally, their sweet cart, which could be found in the bar was just perfect for the occasion. They had covered the table in a gold sequined cloth which looked so pretty, the table was then filled with jars of sweet for guests to help themselves to.

The final wedding of the week took place on Sunday 27th August as Emily and Jack said their vows in our Oak Room. Their ceremony room was a thing of dreams! The stunning lime washed chairs were decorated down the edges of the aisle with long pieces of material and bunches of gypsophila which just looked absolutely beautiful! The room didn’t need much more decoration, as the chairs really lifted the space and so only simple flowers lined the room. Their Garden Suite also looked beautiful, the tables were decorated with small bowls of stunning flowers which matched the top tables huge spray which spanned the length of the table. The highlight of the wedding for me was definitely the wedding cake. It looked so delicious, with three different flavours and pretty flowers to decorate it.

For our first wedding of September, Collette and Okba married on our Oak Room. They had chosen a black and white theme, which I believe is a first at the Hall! It did look good though, very black tie! Their cake followed the same monochrome theme and the new Mr and Mrs sat proudly on top. The surprise was the two gnomes which stood welcoming the guests into the wedding. They were of course dressing in their wedding day outfits!

On Saturday 2nd September, Jessica and Richard tied the knot in our Garden Suite. The usual lime washed chairs stole the show, matching perfectly with the neutral décor. They had decorated the ones which were lining the aisle with pretty bunches of lavender which created such a lovely smell in the room. Their cake was just 4 tiers which was decorated in white icing. What really made this cake special was the amazing spray of flowers which stood on top, it looked amazing!

The finale for this week was the wedding of Sarah and Ian, which took place on Sunday 3rd September. When entering the Hall, the guests were greeted by a table full of surprises. There was game of Jenga which each guest had to sign to create a guest book and a box full of confetti which guests could take to shower over the Bride and Groom as they left the Ceremony Room. The Oak Room was decorated with lovely hessian bows which matched the Olive and Oak coloured room perfectly. The Garden Suite followed the same theme and was the perfect setting to dance the night away! Their love letters were definitely a highlight for me, they were just so different to all the other white letters which we have had recently. They matched the hessian theme flawlessly!

Now for our final week of weddings. On Friday 8th September, Ruth and Sam joined us after a beautiful ceremony at Dore Church. The Bride and Groom to be and their family had come to set up the Hall on the Thursday which meant that every single decoration was perfectly placed. Their wedding breakfast room was decorated in a lovely grey colour which looked simple yet so pretty. They had chosen such beautiful wild looking flowers for their centrepieces which they surrounded with jars full of fairy lights. (this is now my new favourite thing!) They also had fairy lights lining the oak room walls and covering the ceiling above the dancefloor which just looked amazing! It created the perfect dancing space once the lights were off and the music was on! I also loved their personalised Mr and Mrs sign which hung in the Garden Suite, it was the perfect addition. Their cake was simple, just three tiered with pretty flowers placed on top. The bottom tier was covered with a lovely ruffled icing which looked absolutely beautiful. The rest was simply decorated with lacey icing which always looks elegant.

It was the turn of Ben and Katie on Saturday 9th and once again, we were joined by their lovely guests after church. There were lots of elements about this wedding which I loved because they were unlike anything we had ever seen before! The first was the lovely backdrop which sat behind their top table. It was a huge mahogany frame from which hung lots of festoon lights. It is definitely my new favourite backdrop, I wanted to take it home! The second was their Cheese cart which stood in the bar area for guests to choose from. It was filled with lots of different cheeses, crackers grapes and chutneys. It was definitely any cheese lover’s dream! Their cake was also very different as it was heart shaped instead of the usual round or square cake. The three hearts were stacked and surrounded by red and white roses and pretty red ribbon.

Our final wedding of this blog and my final wedding ever took place on Sunday 10th September. It was definitely a special one and they did not disappoint with their choice of decoration! On arrival at the Hall, guests were greeted by a beautiful vintage bike which was decorated with a chalk board with the bride and groom’s names and a little basked full of confetti for the ceremony. Inside, next to the small card box stood a tree with bikes and olws (the bride and grooms faves) hanging from it. Hanging from the stairs were pretty silver letters that spelled out the Bride and Grooms names, I love it when people do something quirky like this with the stairs!

Their table plan is definitely one of my favourites ever! It was a bike wheel which had been decorated with foliage and propped up on our easel. It just looked perfectly vintage and matched the theme perfectly. Their ceremony room looked beautiful with the lime washed chairs matching the neutral décor and pink and blue hearts adding a splash of colour. Centrepieces lined the aisle before being moved to their tables and surrounded by candles in gold and silver jars. They had chosen name cards which could sit on the napkin, tied to bunches of lavender, rosemary and gypsophila. These of course smelled absolutely amazing and matched the perfectly picked wild flowers in the middle of the tables!!

Well, that’s it for my last ever blog! I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading and I hope you will stay loyal to our lovely new writer. I’ll leave you in suspense of who it is!

Kelsey Bee

Wedding and Events Co-ordinator

Whirlowbrook Hall


A Super Busy Summer

The title is very apt for this week’s blog as it truly has been a busy summer, if you can call this horrible weather summer!

This week’s blog starts with Sam and Sophie who got married with us on Thursday 27th July. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many decorations at the Hall, they really had thought of everything! The beautiful, imaginative decorations began in the hallway and continued throughout. The huge oak staircase was decorated with foliage and purple hanging flowers which just looked amazing and the same flowers could be found on ever surface throughout. Bunting also lined the rooms of the Hall but this wasn’t just any bunting, each section had delicate flowers attached which must have taken so long to do! These tiny flowers also could be found attached to the names on top table, incorporated into the centrepieces and even on their wedding cake. The middle tier of their wedding cake also had a bark effect which looked so eye-catching. The thing I loved most about this wedding was that absolutely everything matched and followed the set theme, so much thought had gone into it!
On Friday 28th July, our second wedding of the week took place and Hollie married Steven in our Oak Room. They had chosen a purple theme which looked lovely mixed with all the decorations. They had chosen Chiavari Chairs which looked perfect the initialled bunting on them. Their sweet table was just the perfect treat with so many different levels and so many different sweets on each. Tiny bunting covered almost everything in the Hall and was made by a very talented mother of the Groom. My favourite touch was their cocktail station which would have been perfect for the summer weather, except in typical British style, it rained. It definitely didn’t ruin anything though! Their cake is definitely something worth mentioning as it was just so perfectly decorated, not one mistake in sight! The four-tier beauty was decorated with tiny sprays of flowers and it fit so perfectly with the theme.
Kaylie and Chris married on Saturday 29th July and transformed the hall with their colourful decorations. Their ceremony room was simple yet beautiful with the lovely Chiavari chairs which always look beautiful with some added flowers. Bright flowers lined the walls and the vintage ladder at the front to add a splash of colour to the room. Their welcome sign which sat at the front of the ceremony room was just amazing, hats off to whoever designed it! It definitely set the scene for the rest of the decorations. Mr and Mrs Blackburn had also added confetti balloons to their wedding breakfast room which were just great! I don’t think I’ve ever seen balloons so big!
Our last wedding of July took place on Sunday 30th and Fay and Stephen became the new Mr and Mrs Williams. A venue stylist worked their magic on the Hall and once they were done, it looked absolutely beautiful. The chairs for the ceremony room were covered with pretty, dusky pink sashes which cascaded down the backs of the chairs and were secured with a glitter brooch. The peal table numbers on each table and the Mr and Mrs sign on top were just amazing and definitely the perfect addition to this wedding. Their cake was covered with edible lace which was really similar to the Bride’s stunning dress and decorated with elegant flowers which looked so pretty!
Oh Thursday 3rd, our first wedding of August saw Iris and Edward marry at the Hall. As iris’ family was German and Edwards family was English, translations of typical English phrases could be found around the Hall to help everyone out, it was such a good idea! Their decorations were provided by the lovely Kurly Bird Events and Karen did such an amazing job! Their table plan was just one of the beautiful things at this wedding, the huge heart mirror just looked beautiful with all of the tables attached. The groom had also been very craftsy when planning for the wedding. Instead of a guest book, the groom had made a table for all of their guests to sign, which would then end up in their home. How amazing is that?!? He also made a stand which held their pretty cake and cupcakes. I just love it when couples get involved and Iris and Edward took it to a whole other level, it was great!
On Friday 4th August, the wedding of Gemma and Andy took place at church and they joined us at the hall for their reception. Their wedding had a Disney theme and being a huge Disney fan myself, I loved it! The pastel green and pink colours ran through all their decorations and the chair covers which really brightened up the hall. The top table centrepiece was definitely my favourite as it incorporated the rose from Beauty and the Beast, well a pink version of course! Their cake had hessian and lace decorations which are very on trend at the moment and always look good!
Saturday 5th saw our third wedding of the weekend and Emma and Robbie joined us after their church ceremony. Similar to Fay and Stephen, Mr and Mrs Hume had chosen a dusky pink theme for their wedding. Their venue stylist had provided lovely cascading sashes for the chairs to match the pretty iced flowers which covered their lovely cake. Their table plan was a simple vintage mirror which as you all know by now, I love! It was decorated with the same flowers as their tables and really pulled everything together. They had also provided so many treats for their guests including a sweet cart and even an ice cream cart! Their sweet cart was so pretty, it was decorated in pink and white and had all the sweets you could ever need at a wedding!
Our final wedding of this week’s blog took place on Sunday 6th August. Kim and Matt said their vows in our Oak Room before entertaining their guests in the Garden Suite. I know seeing weddings every weekend, I am not meant to have favourites but this wedding definitely was one! It was just so me, the glitter and of course those amazing flowers! I just don’t know where to start! Their ceremony room was just perfect, it was so simple but the gold cloth over the table and the amazing garland behind just created such a perfect setting for their ceremony. The flowers were done by a bridesmaid and they were just so beautiful and definitely the type of flowers I would have. I was so happy when Kim said I could have some to take home! They kept their ceremony room simple with just a hint of glitter on each table in the runners. It was all brought together by the pompoms which hung around the room and tied in all the colours. Their cake was baked by the same bridesmaid that did the flowers and can you believe this was her first wedding cake? I couldn’t believe it either, it was just perfection in cake form! It tied in both the gold and green colours and was just every brides Pinterest dream!

It definitely has been a busy couple of weeks at the hall, hopefully we can keep it up to give you lots more decoration ideas!

Kelsey Bee

Wedding and Events Co-ordinator

Whirlowbrook Hall

Fabulous July Events

Our blog begins this week with the wedding of Sian and Andrew. They said their vows in the garden suite and became the new Mr and Mrs Morgans. They had let the garden suite speak for itself and with the amazing views, it doesn’t need too much decoration. Ivy hung from the beams which looked so pretty with the vintage looking chairs. The same ivy was wrapped around the bannister and their beautiful table plan. Their table was a wire cage with a card for each table attached and some petite ‘Mr and Mrs’ bunting. The card box, which sat on a table in the Oak Room, was a small wooden post box in White and Gold. Their cake table was just amazing and possibly my favourite yet. Their main wedding cake was covered in beautiful edible lace and edged with edible pearls. It was them wrapped in mint green ribbon and covered in pretty bunches of edible flowers. Their second cake, which stemmed from the Grooms love of Batman, looked equally as eye-catching. On top stood a little Bride and Groom version of the Joker and Harley Quinn. They just looked great!
Our second wedding of the week was that of Mr and Mrs Pickard, and they joined us after their church ceremony. They had decorated the wedding breakfast room in hessian and lace which complemented the Garden Suites colours perfectly. Pretty, neutral coloured pomp oms hung from the ceiling which looked so beautiful. Their card box fit the theme amazingly well as it was also wrapped in hessian and lace. A huge laser-cut heart adorned the front, with the bride and groom’s names and delicate diamante flowers. My favourite part of their wedding, had to be their wedding cake. The simple 3-tiered design was decorated with pink roses which looked stunning. Simple cakes are definitely the most effective sometimes!

On Friday 21st July, we held Charlie Tear’s 21st birthday party. The theme was Yorkshire, so of course lots of tea bags and Yorkshire icons were involved. Each table was decorated with a Yorkshire flag, a trio of balloons and a table name, which was a different piece of Yorkshire dialect for each one, it was perfect for the theme! The chairs were covered with electric blue sashes and they just show that the Garden Suite really does look great in any colour!

Saturday 22nd saw the return of weddings, with Jenny and Brad who married in our Oak Room. There’s not much to say about this wedding, apart from how utterly beautiful it was! Every single one of their decorations matched the hall perfectly. Their ceremony room was decorated with pretty colourful bunting which was perfect for a summer wedding. Their rustic, wooden chairs were decorated with small posies of gypsophila which lined the aisle. A single pedestal stood by the registrars table with absolutely beautiful flowers arranged on top. Their wedding breakfast room was decorated with the same bunting which looked so lovely as the light flooded through the huge windows. Beautiful pots of flowers stood in the middle of each table in such pretty, summery colours. The same exquisite flowers could be found as decoration on the cake which was just amazing. Once again, a simple looking cake proves beautiful which just a hint of decoration.

Our final wedding took place on Sunday 23rd July as Kelly and David married in our Oak Room. They had chosen a beautiful lilac colour for their decorations which looked great in both the ceremony room and Wedding breakfast room. The Bride and Groom had chosen to have their top table on the opposite side to normal and I can imagine they looked magical as the sunlight shone over them. Each table was decorated with a single jar of fairy lights which looked amazing in both the day and evening!

Back soon! 

Kelsey Bee

Wedding and Events Co-ordinator

Whirlowbrook Hall

3 is a magic number 

On Friday 30th June, the lovely Michelle and Mark married in our oak room where their beautiful colours really brightened the room and created such a summery atmosphere. They had put a lot of work into the wedding themselves and their creativity shone through in every aspect! My favourite part of their beautiful oak room was the cranes which the couple had spent weeks making themselves. They looked so pretty hanging in the huge window as the light shone between them. They were also unlike anything we had ever seen before and were definitely worth the time! Their table plan which was placed in the Oak Room after the ceremony was just brilliant. Each stroke of paint and each carefully written name was done entirely by Michelle herself, it was perfect! It fit the colourful theme perfectly and definitely is a design I will never forget.
The same cranes as in the Oak Room could also be found in the windows of the Garden Suite and above the table, hanging like mobiles. They chose to have one big table for their guests to keep things intimate and it worked wonderfully! That way they could talk to each and every guest without even leaving the table. Their cake was also really pretty, a three-tiered semi-naked chocolate delight! It definitely was my kind of cake! It was covered in huge pink peonies which only made the cake more alluring. The same beautiful flowers could also be found in the centre of the table and matched the stationary perfectly.

Charlotte and Sean were our next couple of the week and they said their vows on Saturday 1st July. They had put a lot of thought into their decorations and had really thought of everything! They decorated the entrance to the hall with a huge welcome sign for their guests. Not a lot of couples do this, but it always looks great when they do! They had chosen a pink theme for their wedding and the Oak Room definitely looked great dressed in the pretty colour. They had chosen to have a backdrop against the back wall of their ceremony room which was a first at the Hall. It matched their theme perfectly and I imagine it made their photos look even better! Their chosen decoration on the staircase was definitely a favourite of mine. Ivy draped from the bannisters adding a rustic touch whilst huge pink bows tied it into their theme. 

Through into the Garden Suite, the perfectly chosen decorations continued. Their table plan was absolutely beautiful! The giant, silver, heart shaped mirror was used as a backdrop for the table plan which was typed onto small, decorated cards. Charlotte had chosen her favourite flowers for their wedding, peonies. These are quickly becoming the most popular type of wedding flower and it’s not hard to see why! Paired with pale roses and dark green foliage, the peonies looked exquisite. The cake was placed between two huge bouquets of these amazing flowers and just looked so picturesque.

Our final wedding this week took place on Saturday 8th July as Mr and Mrs Garland joined us after an intimate Church wedding. They had chosen a navy colour for their wedding decorations and it was incorporated into every aspect. Their cake was three tiered with special blue icing on the second tier, it looked great! It was decorated with delectate iced flowers and perfectly placed Bride and Groom figurines. Their wedding breakfast room was a sea of blue and white, with coloured runners on each table and pretty bows tied onto each chair!

In the corner of the Garden Suite sat huge ‘love’ letters, possibly bigger than we’ve ever had before. They were almost as tall as me! They did look amazing though, and I can imagine they looked even better once the lights were dimmed and the Bride and Groom were doing their first dance! My favourite aspect was definitely their table plan and it is something that I will keep in mind as it was different to most other table plans we’ve had! A large ladder stood in the corner of the oak room and on each step, was placed a frame for each table with pictured of each guest on, it was just so creative! The frames were surrounded by trinkets and moss which I loved and really made it look the part!

Kelsey Bee

Wedding and Events Co-ordinator

Whirlowbrook hall

Four Fantastic Weddings

It’s been another two weeks chocked full of events so here we go..
On Thursday 15th June, Hayley and Neal had a blessing in our oak room in front of their closest family and friends. Mr and Mrs Swannock had previously married in Vegas (amazing place for a wedding, right?!?) They had chosen such a pretty theme for their blessing and the Hall was filled with such beautiful flowers. Huge glasses lined the aisle which then doubled up as the table centrepieces, which is a brilliant way to save money. They chose to have a hog roast for their day which was perfect for the lovely sunny weather! Their cake which I absolutely loved, has little swans to go with the Bride and Grooms name, Swannock.

Our second wedding of the week was that of Lindsey and Lewis, who married on Friday 16th June. They had chosen a blue colour scheme for their wedding and it really did look beautiful. Their ceremony room was perfected with a sleek white carpet running down the aisle and single white flowers attached to each chair. They had opted for an intimate gathering and their wedding breakfast room looked so pretty as it overlooked the gardens. Their table plan was one of my favourite designs, a mirror. It may sound simple but it just looks so good!

On Saturday 17th June, Aaron and Laura joined us after their church ceremony. Their wedding was one of my favourites so far this year, they had just put so much thought into every single element. Most of their decorations were done by the lovely Kurly Bird Events and they really were perfection! Their colour scheme was coral pink and baby blue and both these colours featured in almost every decoration. The flowers which filled the hall and covered the cake, were absolutely beautiful and were the perfect colours for a summers wedding. 

Of course the Bride gets to decide on most of the decorations and when it came to the wedding day, Aaron wanted only one thing.. a bar! The bar that they had chosen in addition to ours, was a rustic trio of barrels with two kegs on top. It was just the perfect thing to top off their theme. They had also ordered a huge wooden heart filled with chocolate covered strawberries and chocolates which was great for guests to snack on after the buffet!

Our final wedding for this blog took place on Saturday 24th June and Sophie and Craig said their vows in our Oak Room. I absolutely loved the theme they had chosen, it was very natural and rustic and matched the Hall perfectly. Their flowers which lined the aisle and filled the Garden suite, consisted of pretty daisies and bunches of gypsophila. Their cake was definitely one of my favourites, 4 huge tiers of semi-naked sponge was covered in foliage which fit their rustic looking theme perfectly.

Each table for Sophie and Craig’s, wedding breakfast was named after a married couple in their family. I thought this was an absolutely wonderful idea and it’s definitely one that we will see again in the future! They had done all their name cards themselves and I can imagine it took such a long time, each one was a leaf which had the guests name written in gold. They were all different shapes and sizes and looked so creative! The whole room was topped off with floral and hessian bunting which really brought everything together.

The next blog will feature our upcoming wedding open evening so hopefully there will be some beautiful decorations to tell you about!

Kelsey Bee

Wedding and Events Co-ordinator

Whirlowbrook hall

Many a Wedding

It’s been a while since our last blog as we’ve just been so busy.

On Saturday 13th May, Thea and Neil said their vows in our Oak Room and became Mr and Mrs Rice. Thea and Neil had spent a long time planning their wedding and it really came across in their decorations. Every surface in the Hall was covered in beautiful candles and flowers. Beginning in the hallway, the theme was set. Ivy covered our grand staircase and when wrapped with fairy lights, only enhanced the beauty of it. On the windowsill stood a huge spray of flowers surrounded by the same ivy which covered the stairs. It was perfect for pictures and looked so elegant from outside the Hall.

Their ceremony room which was dressed by the wonderful Sorella, looked so pretty. Their theme has just a hint of purple and this could be seen in every element. The sashes were just absolutely magical and changed colour depending on the light. Their wedding breakfast followed the same theme, with jars of flowers and candles of all different shapes and sizes. Huge T and N letters were placed on the dancefloor which amazingly, the couple had made themselves; they looked great! My favourite element of this wedding has to be their table plan which just looked so effective and also so creative!

Our next wedding took place on Saturday 20th May when Katie and Max married at the Hall. They had chosen quite simple decorations for their wedding, most of which they had made themselves. The hall doesn’t need may decorations to look amazing and these did just the job. They hired in chairs for their ceremony and these matched the Oak Room perfectly and even accentuated the grand fireplace. Their pretty, summery flowers were great for the time of year and really brightened up the Hall.img_0102

Their table decorations were beautiful and elegant, with just a single vase with a single candle surrounded by delicate flowers and tiny sparkles. The table numbers and table plan which Katie and Max had made themselves, looked so professional. So much care and detail had gone into them! It just proves that getting a little craft for your wedding, really pays off! I absolutely loved the cake they had chosen, it was both simple and exquisite at the same time and definitely fit the elegant theme that this wedding had.

Our third wedding was that of Karen and David on Friday 26th May. They joined us at the Hall after their beautiful Church ceremony. They had the perfect weather for their wedding and began with cooling drinks on the terrace in the summer sun. They had chosen to decorate our Garden Suite with beautiful bunting which only added to the summery feel outside.

It was the turn of Kim and Adam on Saturday 27th May as they said, ‘I do’ in our Oak Room. I must say that their wedding is definitely one of my favourites, the colour scheme was just so summery and pretty. Stunning flowers filled the Hall from the moment the doors opened, and they really did look beautiful! Their ceremony room also looked stunning with pom-poms, candelabras and wooden hearts hanging around the room.

The happy couple had just the most amazing place cards and they are possibly my favourite so far. Instead of being placed on tables, the were tied on the back of each chair with bright coral ribbon. They looked perfect on the lovely lime washed chairs. Their cake was also completely different to anything that I had ever seen before. It was modelled on the top table and each figure was wearing exactly what each of the guests were wearing. Yes, even the turquoise suit!

On Sunday 28th May, Katie and Dan had their wedding at the Hall. They did things a little differently for their wedding and it was lovely to get some new ideas from them. They had chosen a hessian theme, which always looks really great in the Hall. Their isle was lined with petals and small candles which created an intimate atmosphere in the Oak Room. Instead of the usual round tables, they had a small round table for themselves and their daughter, whilst the rest of their guests sat on four long tables branching from the intimate top table. Their cake was also quite different to every cake we’d seen this week. It was a simple, naked cake which was surrounded by ladyfingers and beautiful pink flowers. It was the perfect cake for a summer wedding!

Our penultimate wedding for this week’s blog took place on Saturday 3rd June as Nicola and Jonathan married at the Hall. Their chosen colour was purple and every single decoration had a little hint of it. Their ceremony room looked absolutely beautiful with purple flower petals lining the aisle to match the chair covers and flowers on the ceremony table. Their Garden Suite was also a little different as they had chosen to have their top table at the top of the room instead of in the middle. This meant that they were the main focus of attention for their all-important speeches. Their cake, which I thought was absolutely amazing had centre spotlight in the bay window. It was such a pretty cream and purple ombre cake which was surrounded by huge ‘cake’ carnival letters.

Our final wedding was that of Harriett and Graeme who joined us after their church ceremony. The first thing I noticed when entering the Hall, was the beautiful staircase which had been wrapped in foliage and looked so pretty. The huge window was also filled with coloured pom-poms which added a much-needed splash of colour.  Their card box was a favourite of mine as it was a vintage suitcase with amazing old pictures of family lined across it. I love seeing old wedding pictures!

Their theme was a golden colour with hessian and it looked absolutely beautiful in the Hall! They had chosen to have charger plates, which I think always look great as they add a little bit of extra colour to the table. The favours were also really thoughtful as every guest had a small bottle of alcohol with the cutest tiny glass in which to drink it from. Their flowers were definitely the highlight of this wedding for me. The colours, the flowers and the logs on which they were displayed were just all so perfect and such summery colours too!

Well, I think that may have been the longest blog I’ve done so far! We’ll be back in a couple of weeks with more.

Kelsey Bee

Wedding and Events Co-ordinator

Whirlowbrook Hall

A rustic themed couple of weeks

We begin this week’s blog with our first wedding open evening of the year, which took place on Wednesday 26th April. We kept it intimate with just two of our recommended suppliers attending, Sorella Venue Stylists and Flourish Florists. They did an amazing job at making both the Oak Room and Garden Suite fit for a wedding. It was such a great opportunity to see the Hall set and also have a chat with us about your exciting plans. We will keep you posted about when our next open event is, we hope to see you all there!

On Saturday 29th April, our last wedding of the month took place and Carla and Adam became Mr and Mrs Lindley. A lot of planning had gone into their wedding so it was no surprise that it turned out so wonderfully. Upon entering the Hall, guests were welcomed with an array of guest books, wish jars and advice sheets to keep them entertained whilst waiting for the ceremony. The staircase, which is always one of my favourite parts of the Hall when decorated, was covered from top to bottom in draped chiffon fabric, filled with fairy lights. This looked absolutely amazing during the day, so you can imagine how good the twinkly lights looked once the sun had set. Their ceremony room was simple yet beautiful, with tiny finishing touches that really complemented the room. Bouquets of gypsophila tied to chairs and tiny jars of flowers which hung around the room added a splash of colour as did petals, which lined the long aisle.

Carla and Adam had continued their theme through into the Garden Suite with rustic looking centrepieces. Each table had a piece of bark on which stood vases of blue and white flowers. Name cards were heart shaped blocks of wood with each guest’s name engraved on. These were just so pretty and the perfect keepsake for every guest. Each of the tables was named after a different football player, to represent their love of football but of course opposing teams. Their cake also had a slight football theme, with both the cake toppers (the Bride and Groom) wearing their usual matchday attire. I absolutely loved this cake, as the little toppers looked exactly like the bride and groom, even the dress was perfectly similar.

Our first wedding of May took place on Saturday 6th and Alex and Jon married in our Oak Room. They had chosen a similar theme to Carla and Adam but no one decoration was the same. They had decorated the Hall with the most beautiful trinkets you could ever wish for. I loved every bit of it! J and A letters, lace confetti cones and pretty paper bunting welcomed you to the Hall and looked so good in our entrance. Their ceremony room had stunning hired in chairs which matched their theme perfectly and of course our oak room too! Fairy lights lined the beautiful fireplace which only emphasised it more! It’s definitely the perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony.

Their decoration in the garden suite was simple yet pretty. The beautiful jugs on each table just looked amazing and I absolutely loved them, never mind the stunning flowers that stood inside them! Their cake was simply delightful, the three tiers were covered with delicate iced flowers and atop sat the cutest little dog. The absolute highlight of their wedding for me was the stunning ‘love’ letters which were stood in the corner of the dancefloor. The light from these letters just made the already beautiful room, look even better! I can only imagine how good they looked which the guests were dancing the night away around them.

That’s it for this week’s blog, we’ll be back soon!

Kelsey Bee

Wedding and Events Co-ordinator

Whirlowbrook Hall